Common Place Book #3

“101 So Far This Year”

-ABC Phoenix

I am not entirely sure that this is the correct use of the common place book, but I wanted to share this. 101. That is how many days that the high in Phoenix has been 105o or over. Today, October 4th, has become the 101st day above 105o. This number is insane. For comparison, the previous record was set in 2002 at 87 days. The yearly average for days above 105o, only 65. If you dive a little deeper into Arizona’s 2020, you’ll find that there have been 50 days where the temperature was above 1100. To all the climate change deniers, come live in Arizona and then we’ll see if your opinions change. Not only have we had half the state on fire in most recent years, every summer seems to become the hottest summer yet. For anyone in Arizona, or around the world in general, this little graphic on a television screen send you into a panic. It should make you think that we have to do something to combat climate change, and we have to do something now, because 36 more days above the previous record is entirely absurd.

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