So far in this course, I have been most engaged with the readings. I have found the assigned readings extremely interesting and thought provoking. In particular, I found the Rorty piece both mind-blowing and head hurting. After reading Rorty’s view on reality I spent most of my next three days attempting to talk to anyone who would listen to me about it. That is what I have found from these readings. They are more than simply thought provoking. I feel as if I almost have a need to discuss everything that I have read the second that I read it. This is something special that I have never had in a class before this year. For this reason I would say that my engagement with the class readings have been excellent.

The area that my engagement with the course could use some improvement is with the assignments, particularly the assignments on wordpress. I have found wordpress extremely difficult to use. I do find it ironic that I am saying this on a wordpress post, but it is true. I have struggled some with organizing the site the way I want to, and this has led to a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to completing assignments that are to be put on wordpress. While I enjoy the assignment itself and the idea of putting your work out there on an open website, I find the technology difficult to work with at times. I am hoping and am very confident that this problem will soon change. 

A second aspect of my engagement with the course that could use improvement is completing the assignments in a timely manner. I have found myself to bet behind at times during this course, although much of that is because of a day I lost due to a migraine. Moving forward, much of my effort is going to be put into making sure I am up to date and even ahead of my assignments if possible. I believe this will be easily attainable, because I Truly enjoy doing the work. I capitalized that T on purpose, because no matter what Rorty or Fish says, that will be an unarguable fact of reality.  

In total, I believe that I have been very engaged with the content that has been presented in the course. Most of the troubles I have encountered with my engagement have stemmed from issues not directly involving the course material. I am confident that I will be able to fix my wordpress woes and soon I will simply just enjoy the course content.